The Stained Glass of First Christian Church in Perry, Oklahoma

Stained glass windows are not only beautiful, but they also bring stories and teachings from the Bible to life in a tangible way.  The best way to enjoy stained glass windows is by coming inside the church.  In the sanctuary, there is a large vertical window at the front of the sanctuary and eight nave windows all around.  In the welcome area, there is the stained glass of the Good Shepherd.

The NIMS Memorial Window

The beams that hold the window in place are in the shape of a cross.  The rays are symbolic of our blessings, and those from the dove are the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
The Trinity is symbolized at the extreme top of the triangle and directly below, the three persons of the Trinity.
The Father - the hands.
The Son - the lamb.
The Holy Spirit - the dove.
The hands in the lower part of the window, raised in supplication, are for the faithful, holding a flame for devotion, and a lily for the pure in heart.  The thorned branches signify our Lord's suffering.

The Eight Nave Windows

symbolic representations from the life and times of Jesus Christ.

Window One -  The Nativity

The symbols of the manger, chi rho, and five-pointed star illustrate the Birth of Christ.  The five-pointed star is referred to as the Star of Bethlehem.  It represents the star which led the Wise Men to the Christ Child. It reminds us that Christ came as Savior to all mankind, Jew and Gentile alike.  The chi rho is the monogram of Christ.  It is formed by the combination of the first two letters of the Greek spelling of the name of Christ.
Window Two - The Miracles

The public life of Christ  is illustrated, through symbols, two of the miracles He performed.  The transformation of water into wine at the wedding feast of Cana was Christ's first miracle.  This is represented by one water jar pouring into another.  The miraculous multiplication of the youth's lunch is represented by two fish and five loaves.
Window Three - The Choosing of the Apostles

The gathering together of the apostles of Christ is symbolized by a fish net with twelve small crosses.  It also recalls Christ's instructions to His apostles to become "fishers of men."
Window Four - The Transfiguration

This event in the life of Christ is represented by the combination of symbols for Christ, Moses and Elijah.  At this time Christ revealed His divine nature to Peter, James and John. The chi rho is used to symbolize Christ; the Tablets of the Law, Moses; and a scroll, Elijah.
Window Five -  The Last Supper

The Last Supper is represented through the use of the following symbols-· a chalice, the chi rho and twelve crosses.  The chalice symbolizes the Christian faith. The twelve crosses represent the apostles present at the Last Supper.  The chi rho symbolizes Christ.
Window Six - The Crucifixion

The death of Our Lord upon the cross is represented by three crosses.  The crown of thorns is included in the design as a reminder of the suffering of Christ.
Window Seven - The Resurrection

The Resurrection is symbolized by the butterfly and a cross.  The butterfly is an ancient and beautiful resurrection symbol.  Like Christ and His followers, the butterfly "dies", is "entombed," and "rises" into a new and more glorious form.  The cross reminds us that it is through Christ that we find salvation.
Window Eight - Pentecost

Pentecost is an important event in Christian history as it marks the beginning of the Church.  The symbols associated with this event are the descending white dove and seven flames.  The dove is the symbol for the Holy Spirit.  All four Evangelists record the appearance of the Holy Spirit in such a form at the Baptism of Christ.  The cruciform nimbus is used around the head of the dove.  This is a special type of halo reserved exclusively for members of the Trinity.  The seven flames represent the seven gifts of the Holy Spriit which filled the apostles.  The seven gifts are Wisdom, Council, Knowledge, Understanding, Piety, Fortitude, and Fear of the Lord. 

The Good shepherd Window

The Good Shepherd Window was a gift from the Red Rock Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) at their closing on August 28, 2005.  The stained glass window was given to the Red Rock Christian church as a memorial for Martin Diehm at the dedication of the new building on November 29, 1970.  His wife, Erma, was a member of the Perry First Christian Church until her death in 1988.